Saturday, February 18, 2012

A 'Gorillas in the Mist' moment....

I woke up early again this morning,and after a while I wondered outside to sit on the garden bench in the front of our house. I have to admit that at about 6:30 am the views I had looking down from this marvellous seating area were breathtaking!  I thought instantly of the old movie - 'Gorillas in the Mist' because that is the type of forest growth that we look upon!  It is so lush with its various shades of green trees and shrubbery, and this morning, the mist was gently rising from the rainforest hills in front of me, and the mixture of greens on green was overwhelming. I know I sound gushy--but---it was one of those moments!

So I went inside and grabbed my camera, which is my best toy at the moment, and played with it outside as we shot away!  I will try to show the impact of the morning if I can....

These photos were all taken from about 6:30 am, through to various times until about 7:00 am.  Amazing experience to watch the fog appear and then disappate as the morning started to smile on us.

Since moving here, I just can't stop smiling.  I think when I was born in snow country God must have said "Oops!  I did it again!" Because, I have now found home. And it is mine.  I love it here!!

Thank you God.  It took you awhile, but you pulled it off for me! (With a bit of strong work and incentive on our behalf, I must admit!)  But--Good is good!

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