Sunday, February 12, 2012

Squirt, our true Drama Queen!

For many years my family has labelled me as the largest Drama Queen, and I have had to endure their ridicule while I flailed away at them with my arms demonstrating my emotions, and have quietly tried to only react to things when I thought no one was watching--OK!  So I react!  Let's not make a big deal out of this!  Geez!  (If you think I am a Drama Queen, you should see Maddie--oh no...Drama Queen in waiting no more--she is the real thing!)  But....

This morning, when I was up early, walking my legs to make the tingling and jerky feelings in them settle down, I looked out onto the patio, and Squirt was laying at the bottom of her aviary, inside her fruit bowl and it looked like she was having convulsions - I was so frightened.  I quickly ran out to see to her because I thought maybe I had forgotten to give her fresh water and it has been hot lately.  I just thought to myself "Oh, Squirty, I can't lose you now too!  Please be OK!"
But by the time I got to her aviary she was sitting up and grinning at me--not joking--this lorrikeet grins!

Next thing I knew she was up on her cuddle bar, with her back turned towards to me, which means, 'Give me a cuddle!'  No siree--I wasn't going to fall for that trick.  But I did take her water dish, which by the way did have water in it, and refreshed it and put it back in her aviary.  I just told her that she gave me the scare of my life, and walked back into the family room.  I swear she was grinning at me as I did so.

So the day progressed.  I managed to get back to bed and had a bit more sleep, then had breakfast and was deciding what to do with my day.  Chris finished his breakfast, and feeling not quite up to par yet decided to get another hours rest, which I thought was a good idea, and I debated doing the same - (we both aren't sleeping very well). 

Well, he had just gone into the bedroom, and I decided to just lay down on the couch and watch a bit of telly, when I walked by the glass doors out to the patio and Squirt's aviary.  She was laying on the bottom of the aviary, on her back, with her beak sort of open, and her legs in the air, with her claws sort of tucked in.  She looked so dead!  I thought, "No!  Squirty!  What has happened?  Why are you now suddenly dead?"  It just didn't make sense!  I struggled with the clasp on the sliding screen doors, and raced out to her aviary, only to see her sit up, look at me with a grin on her beak, and fly instantly up to her cuddle bar again.  I refused to give into her demands.  But I had to admire her style.  She really did look dead!  I wonder how she learned to do that?? 

Footnote:  After each one of these tricks she flys up to her special mirror with bells on it, and checks out her expression--I think she has been practicing for a while now!

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