Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life is good!

I'm in a reflective mood today.

I spent some time early this morning sitting on the bench in front of our house, just observing. Nature is right you know.  What is burnt, bombed, destroyed and devastated--regenerates, if given time and the need is there. Look into the past- all of the devastation that has hit this poor earth should have destroyed it. But it hasn't.

Instead it has created these marvellous feats of nature -

Bending trees, Gryfino forest, Poland
Lena Pillars Russia- along the Lena river
Sunset from inside a wave

Danxia landform, Zhangye, Province of Gansa, China

- maybe just because it had the power to do it. I like that thought.

As a person I too have been burned, and felt as though I was destroyed at times, and have felt the deep devastating loss of loved ones. But you, know - I will survive too! 

There was a saying once from 'Someone' that stated: "What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger". Useless words at anytime, when you are going through it - but also very true.  I am so much stronger, and even wiser for going through these difficult and often devastating life experiences. 

I always choose to keep only the good memories, and have the innate ability to not focus on the bad things that may have happened in my life.  It's not called deflection, or lack of feeling, or any other sentiment. It is nature. She never remembers in a hurtful way. She just keeps going. If that means growing spectacular trees and landscapes, to the smallest crawling lizard I have ever seen --She will do that!

It is when you feel that you can't go much further, and then further is just a short distance away--life is like that.  We push ourselves so hard to achieve, and that is good, but recognising our achievement and making sure that it hasn't hurt nature or other people is vital.

Nature doesn't celebrate herself--she celebrates beauty and life, and sometimes rewards us with miraculous visions of beauty.  Life is like that. 

Storm, Montana, USA 
The hard times may happen, and extensive damage and destruction to our surroundings and sometimes our souls may occur.  But given time, and faith in a future ahead, nature will begin to win out, and time and belief and strength of purpose will heal it all. Or at least make a great big step in recovering.

What is lost in life, may be lost forever, but what might be found is always something wonderful to look forward to....

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