Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Countries and distances

I recently had a Skype webcam link-up with an old friend from my high school days in the States!  What an experience--and I hope to keep connecting with him via this facility and to other friends--a great communication tool.  But what my friend and I did realise was that perhaps the earth's distance from our two connection points may not have been working in our favor at times--sometimes a good- then bad connection - but a good experiment!
That got me thinking about life and friends and distances - ok--serious topic--you can shut down now. 

But really--When I first came to Australia I moved from one side of the planet to the complete opposite side and opposite pole--I guess just as far away from Iowa as I could go!  I learned to live in this culture, and its climate, and it was all of my choosing!  I left close friends, and very close family ties behind, and just left - and except for holidays--never returned to my hometown, or my family or my friends or to my accustomed way of life.  Wow! I just shifted. I just woke up one day and said " My decision is that I want to live and work in Australia, I want to live this life, and I want to be this person I am developing into". That was very bold of me--but very selfish at the same time--as the years have gone by and my children have gotten older--I realise only too well how selfish that was of me to take that action--But--what an adventure I have had!

I have been trying to decipher what the differences there are between the USA where I grew up, and Australia--other than the obvious-geography, plant and animal life and climate--there is one subtle difference that is worth noting. In Australia, a continent on its own, a lone island of immense size, the population is mainly focussed on the coastal and inland communities.  But then there those people who choose to live in the Centre and Outback, including the Far North, who deserve everyone's respect--they do it tough--but that is really why I chose to stay here. 

I love that attitude--the one that says--"..of course I can bloody do that!  Because--who are you to say I can't!"  The Government in all countries tries to--but if we are wise enough, and choose our leaders well enough-we will still be able to  do "Whatever we bloody want, Mate! She'll be right!" 

The necessary factor is to choose those 'wise' Leaders who also understand that inherent human quality of Freedom - Freedom to choose, freedom to try, freedom to struggle, freedom to fail, but most of all--freedom to win--to succeed at the life you have really chosen.

For me, Australia gave me this freedom--I hope that you find your freedom spot in such a country and a timeframe that enables you and empowers you without anyone's help, just your spirit.  I hope you find that Freedom of spirit that makes you know that you are alive because of the life you have chosen, and not just because it was the life the you were given.  The giving and choosing makes a big difference!  Bear in mind though that the choosing also brings sadness and loneliness at times, as loved ones can be so far away, as it was when I started my adventure those many years ago.  But now, with Skype and the internet and MSN and email--we practically all live next door!  Enjoy your life choices--live them!!

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