Saturday, October 30, 2010

OK - But just because it's Halloween!

Many years ago, I was staying at the home of what would eventually be my future husband's family home.  It was Halloween night, and just for fun I had  suggested that we hold a makeshift 'Ouija" night. The rest of this large family made fun of us, but we were determined! We (being a collective of sisters, (aged from 9 years to maybe 20+) sat ourselves up in the top formal lounge room, which was hardly ever used.  This room was sort of considered off  limits- and only used on important or formal conditions, so using it for this experience made it seem even more important for our night. 

The room was largish, and consisted of a old wood panelled fireplace, some old, dark wooden furniture, and a small table which we pulled into primary position in front of the fireplace.  The fireplace had not been lit, (but that would have really added to the experience).  It was a still, warm night outside, after such a sunny day.  We sat up our makeshift Ouija tiles upon the room's small table, and gathered chairs all around.  We used 'Scrabble" letters, and scraps of paper written with the words 'Yes' and 'No', placed in strategic positions, and used a sherry glass as the pointer.

We started off having a fun night and asked silly questions, until suddenly the game took a serious turn.

The 'being' who had apparently taken 'control' of the sherry glass started to tell us stories--very quickly, involving a member of that group of sisters, who, he claimed, he had apparently known in a previous life.  Then suddenly the game started to become very scary.   'This person' bantered and responded quickly, then somewhat menacingly to our questions.  I accused my future sisters of cheating, and he still just kept talking!

Picture this. We were a group of young females, sitting in a room, not much used, in a large farmhouse, behind a wooden closed door off the central hallway--everyone else in the house had gone to bed. We were alone, and had only a few lit candles as our main light source. We had previously turned off the lights to create an atmosphere for our game. Suddenly we were beginning to experience fear in a room where only just previously we had been laughing and having what we thought was good Halloween fun!

'T', as I called her, gave up playing, as the 'Communicator' was becoming more aggressive in his answers.  She explained in a somewhat disturbed and urgent voice that she had experienced some reactions from this 'person' before, and had always been afraid of what she heard from him on other occasions.  It involved a past from long ago, and the death of her close family members through a tragedy.  

Once 'T' gave up and wouldn't play any longer, I accused her younger sister of cheating and moving the sherry glass to answer the questions too quickly.  But she denied it, and after that, I just made so much fun of her and the game and the 'spirit' that we had invoked.  I just said that this game was all phooey, and was ready to walk away.  Suddenly, before my fingers could barely keep up with the action- the sherry glass guided itself across the table in front of us.  We were all amazed--as it seemed to be moving by itself.  It spelt out very quickly -  "Get you!" and then actually picked itself up unaided and through itself at me!

The wooden door from the hallway passage into that room, which had been closed, opened and slammed shut very loudly, and the quiet night blew up a squall of wind outside the solo window of that room!  One of the girls jumped up and opened the room's door, to see if anyone had actually just slammed it, and was trying to scare us--but no-one was there.  The rest of the large farmhouse house was dark and quiet.

The candle flames became very bright and burned in very tall flames. We looked at the candles, and at the door, and all of us felt so scared.  It was as if we had really talked with someone who should not have entered this room.  One of the candles suddenly then just blew out--as though someone had blown a breath on it.  We all screamed in unison I think, then turned on the lights -  we threw the make-shift ouija tiles on the floor- blew out the rest of the candles, and all scrambled into our beds. I haven't touched or gone near a "Ouija" experience since that night!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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