Friday, October 1, 2010

I had a ghostly visitor a couple of nights ago...

The house we live in has quite an interesting and varied past - I will go into more detail later, but as a result--there are occasionally some 'ghostly visitors' who pass through and share our space.

Our home is a largish one, built on various levels, but mainly concentrated on about four levels -split into a ground floor access, a first floor level, a second floor loft with stairway access from the first floor main living area,  and a lower level access towards the back of the house, split by a few stairs from the first floor access--sound confusing--it can be for the first time visitor..

Anyway, the other night I was in the kitchen facing the kitchen window which in the reflection of light in the darkening night, revealed the living area behind me.  I could see the reflection of the large screen tv, and the soft glow of the side table lamp next to my lounge chair.

Chris was downstairs in the family room playing with his newest media equipment--a device which is capable of converting old fashoined LPs into CDs.  The doors were shut from that room, to cut out sound levels, and I was working at the kitchen sink.  Maddie was on her way home from work and I was on my own in that part of the house at that stage.  

Suddenly in the mirror image reflecion from the kitchen window, a man walked through the lounge room, as if he knew where he was going, and just walked straight past me as seen in the kitchen window's reflected image.  I didn't pay much attention, as I assumed it was Chris--although I wondered what had possessed him to walk straight by me and disappear again, without saying anything.

I turned and walked into the lounge room, but there wasn't anyone there, so I walked out onto the front deck, assuming Chris must have decided to go out there - but there was no-one there. Just me.  I thought that it was strange that he would have come suddenly upstairs from the family room, walked through the main living area, and disappeared again down the front stairs just as quickly without any reason.

Maddie arrived home about then, and we started our night, and I just shrugged off the uneasy feeling I had just had.  The next day I asked Chris what he had been doing and why he had walked through the lounge room like that last night, and he said he hadn't--he had been downstairs the whole time.  That made me wonder who it might have been!  I had looked at the image so briefly, noting it was only a man dressed in a combination of dark and neutral coloured shirt and pants/shorts? walking as though he had a mission to accomplish.  The image was crystal clear and in no way threatening or worrisome--but in hindsight--very curious. 

It made me wonder--I wonder if he 'hangs' around here, or if he was just 'lost' and walked through our lounge on his way to somewhere else..I wonder if he has gone, or if I will see him again. 


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