Thursday, October 21, 2010

A sort of tribute...

Five years ago on the 18 October, my Mum passed away. 

I had been thinking of writing a tribute to her in memorium, and you know what?  I don't want to remember the day she died - it is too sad--I'd rather remember the day she was born and celebrate her then - with many happy and funny stories, because, believe me, she was a funny lady. So, any tributes will have to wait until 6 June - I think that is fair enough!

But this whole tribute thing got me to thinking and remembering ("Uh, oh, you say--always a dangerous thing to do in her case!").  I thought to myself, "Why do we celebrate them when they are gone?  I mean - they're gone!  We can't celebrate with them any longer, just about them.  I think I'd rather honour them in a positive manner--birthdays are good for honouring!"
So - I thought I would tell you a story about how I deal with death, and celebrate life.

When I was a child, I was terribly religious and sometimes at night I would lay in bed and ask God all sorts of questions.  For example, I wanted so desperately to talk to Abraham Lincoln--my hero--long time dead though.  Sometimes in my most serious moods, I would want to die just so that I could go to heaven and get the talking over and done with, and have my questions answered, and then - Hey, Presto! - wake up alive again--(I know--I was a strange child--but I talked to God about a lot of these things!)

Well, as the years passed, I came to accept the fact that my quest for answers would just have to wait, and as Abe was dead, and there were lots of other interesting people by this stage, I decided that their entities would wait for me, and I'd have my dialogue with them when it was my time--kinda like making an appointment, but not knowing when to show up!

Since I was this small child, a lot of my family members have passed on, including my beloved Mum, and my daughter Lauren who was only 19.  Because I had so many questions about life, and curiosity about how some people accomplished what they did - I imagine that Lauren and Mum have had their mouths to God's ear, asking these questions on my behalf! 

I can imagine them asking the questions, and going on quests for answers, giggling as they explored and discovered answers---I can also see God sitting there, holding his head in his hands, covering his ears, as they chattered away, saying such things as:  "If you think we talk alot--wait until she gets here!"

I bet he's re-scheduled, and I'll have a much longer adventure here before I visit there!  You just wait and see!

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