Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My favourite things

If I were to list my favourite things, the list wouldn't go in any order--it would have to be random, because, really --life and thoughts can just be random---but, this is the beginning:
  • Love - love of and for my family and my friends
  • Green--I love green grass and smell of freshly mown lawns. 
  • Teddy Bears- I became a real collector about 11-12 years ago--Our home now resembles a very up-market teddy bear toy shop---but each one has such character and personality!
  • My blue convertible - I have always driven either a "sensible " or a "family" car all of my life--so buying my little blue convertible just for me has been a really great treat!
  • The smell of freshly popped popcorn--and knowing that it is going to be enjoyed while watching a good movie while sharing the popcorn!
  • Surprises---even better if I'm the 'Surpriser'!
  • Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and the smiles on peoples' faces
  • Laughter - lots of it!
  • Clean sun-dried bed sheets!
  • Animals and nature--their strange and wondrous way of being and existing
  • Burning candles nightly--red. pink and white - for purification of our space and the integration of love--but mainly because--I love candles!
  • The early morning anticipation of each new day
  • Butterflies--or 'Flutterbies 'as Chris says
  • Dragonflies--especially the one that sat at our swimming pool all summer while we splashed around--always fluttering around the same plant, while I 'talked' with it!
  • Christmas and its wonderful spirit of love
  • Children's smiling faces
  • The joy of giving gifts
  • A good friend's shoulder on sad days
  • The smell of freshly baked bread
  • Tulips!
  • Jason's stuffed, poached chicken
  • Rome!
  • Venice!
  • Not having to live out of a suitcase any longer!
  • Packing a suitcase for our next adventure
  • Looking at our proposed new home
  • Childhood--especially my own--so many memories
  • Dogs - the closest thing to a human friend that one could have
  • ...just knowing that this list really does just go on and on...
Hope you write your list--I may add to this one--you may have to check back from time to time!! :-))

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