Friday, November 5, 2010

Why I love my friends!

I have been going through a stressful time lately, for all sorts of reasons, and at one stage I was feeling very sad and prone to tears a lot.  I wanted to fight this feeling, but the sadness I was feeling was almost overwhelming.  (Doesn't even sound like me does it?)

Well, guess who pulled me out of it--my friends.  Poor Chrisco, my darling husband suffered through these few days with me, and as I write and communicate (even when I am sad), my dear girlfriend also wrote back to me every day --several times a day, and then I noticed something...

Suddenly friends I had not heard from for a while, just out of the blue, started to send me messages, and kept asking how I was, and as a result, I started to feel connected again.

This sad and upsetting period, which even affected me physically, made me stop and think.  Really, in a bad time those who care for you the most are those who probably you wouldn't suspect are out there thinking of you.

I hesitated writing this in my blog, as I am trying very hard to keep this blog upbeat about my life and my happiness.  But this particular entry is about my friends-the ones who are always there--the ones who have strong faith in me, and the ones I love. The real Jan will return, maybe tomorrow.....

Meanwhile, please have a good day!

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