Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Hot August Night" - Springtime Style!

Jackie's red convertible held so many memories I have to quickly include this one!

It was Springtime again, probably the same year as I spoke of earlier when Jackie and I had shared our Golden Os with nature (This one's for Jackie) - and we were driving to Macombe Illinois to see a live Neil Diamond concert - 'Hot August Night'!  There was lots of excitement in that little red car as we sang the songs, and talked about being at Macombe University for that night--(If memory serves me correctly, I think we were probably squatting on the floor of Jackie's sister's college room that night, after the concert)--anyway--we just couldn't wait to get there!

It was at the time when Neil Diamond was at the height of his career, as far as we were concerned, and the concert didn't fail to impress Jackie and I!  It was brilliant, and we excitedly fell asleep that night, giggling and humming his songs under our breath while Linda shouted at us to "Go to sleep, and be quiet for God's sake!"

The next morning we eventually got into our little red convertible, and probably after a good feed of donuts, we headed back home along the freeway.  As it was a nice Spring day, at least compared to the dismally cold dreary, snow covered Winter we had just come through, any sight of grass and sunshine was an improvement.  So, being of good Iowan stock, we decided that the trip home would be even better with the convertible's top down!

Now, picture this--I had on my Winter suede jacket, albeit--not buttoned, but probably a jumper and jeans--it was still just early Spring--but Neil Diamond singing to us on a cassette as we drove for the few hours to get home, just made it all worth while!!!

The next day we both woke up in our respective homes with sore throats (probably from all the singing--couldn't have been the weather!) and went to our part time-time jobs at Giant Foods, barely able to talk---but we rasped our way through the day--still remembering the concert, and knowing that it had all been worth it!!

Just for you--Neil Diamond!

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