Monday, November 15, 2010

Conquering my fear of horses

As I stated previously, my friend, Jackie, had a horse which she stabled at a really nice horse - I guess you call them - Stabling yards?

I always admired the way she would move in amongst all of them while they were in the main yard (corral).  I could never do this--something about their large size, their ability to kick me if they wanted to, and the fact that I didn't like human given 'horse bites' - so why would would I want a real one?

Well, Jackie used to say to me that the only way I was ever going to get over this fear was to just jump in, and let them rub against me, and crowd my space--I would learn to push them away, and become the boss---so I practiced this process at times when I was with her.

Well, one day, I knew she was at the stables, and I decided to drive out to see her and her horse and 'practice' a bit more.  But when I got there, it seemed quiet all around, and the only horse in the yard was a large beautiful dark coated beauty (in my mind it was a black stallion--but that's after years of making this memory a really good one!)

Suddenly I had no fear, and as I have always talked to animals I called this most handsome horse over to the yard's fence, jumped up on the wooden bars, and rubbed his ears and forehead - something I found out later that some horses just don't like!  Anyway, after talking with him for a while, and still not seeing Jackie, I just jumped the corral fence, and stood in the yard with this magnificent large animal.  I kept talking to him, and rubbing his side and neck and wondered where everyone was, as I wanted to show how brave I was being!

Suddenly I heard yelling, something like:
"Oh, God! Get out of there! Quickly!" I looked around to see what was going on - a few people were running towards the yard - in the background I think I saw Jackie.  I just kept on talking to this gorgeous horse, and rubbing his neck.
"I mean it now blondie--move!"
"What?' I replied. I assumed the blondie reference was being pointed in my direction.
"He's attacked several people today--get out!  It's not safe!"
"What! Are you yelling at me?"
"Crap! Get outta there!"

All the yelling was upsetting me, and my gorgeous new friend was becoming agitated, so I apologised to him, gave his neck one more rub, and jumped up on the yard's wooden fence lines--soon I was out of the yard and looking quizzically at everyone and all the noise--somewhat surprised at all the commotion.

Apparently when that horse had arrived earlier that day, he had been agitated and kicked at and fought against the stables' owners and some of the other horses--he had been left in the yard on his own for everyone's safety.  No-one had told me--I was brave now--I just wanted to prove it!

It hasn't stopped me from talking to animals though--I think we have a connection--he and I felt quite connected - pity about the others!

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