Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rainy days lately...

On a typical rainy morning lately, this is what we all go through, when waking up.  As we leave the bedroom, Chris opens the back door to check on the dogs and the weather and I head up the small set of stairs to start my day, and think about breakfast.  At this time I also uncover the pink sheet from Squirt's aviary, and Squirt and I start our daily conversation. She lives in our usually sunny plant-filled central hallway--so rainy days are foreign to her--unfortunately, Jock and Strap, our two border collies don't have it so good!  They have been living in the rainy elements lately, and don't need much encouragement to come inside to the dry, lower  hallway, and unfortunately, cream carpeted bedrooms!

(Snippet from yesterday's conversation as I attempted to uncover Squirt's aviary and start my day...)

"OK, I'm uncovering you, Squirty. --Hello, Squirt!"
"Allo--Hello, Strap!"
"No. Let's not call the boys--their feet are very dirty---you should see the mess they made on our bedroom carpet yesterday when you called them in!"
"Hello, Squirt!" I say, as once again I try to get her attention away from the poor, wet boys and just try to talk with Squirt, my very colourful, and very cheeky lorrikeet.

 "Let's just talk about you today..." 
"Hello, Squirt - (squawk!) Squirt! Strap! Strap!"
"No!  Not Strap--we don't need him to come inside today...just Squirt. Do you want a cuddle?  Yes?  OK - Up on your perch! Good girl---No!  No biting!  That's my good Squirty!" (I say, as I  gently tap her beak)--"We don't like biting do we?"
"Strap! Hello, Strap!"
"Squirt--stop it!  We don't want the boys to come inside--stop calling them!"

Suddenly the sound of the back hallway screen door is heard opening, and the sound of dog claws hit the tiled floor..

"Squirt!  I told you this would happen!"  I had to turn and go back to the bottom hallway, only to find Strap already inside, and Jock standing with his nose holding the hallway screen door open, eyes up- looking at me expectantly.

"Strappy Boy--sorry mate--I know you hate the rain--but go outside again please--you're a mess--you're full of mud--good boy--outside now!" 

Suddenly the dejected look of his black and white face meets mine, and with his head down, he slowly opens the back screen door and heads outside, with Jock standing just outside the back screen door - knowing now that they won't get away with coming inside.  Not only do they leave their dirty feet calling cards, but the wet aroma of rain dog fills the lower hallway for the time being!

"Squirt!  See what you did!  It's OK for you--you're in a dry aviary--the boys aren't--it's not nice to tease!"
"Hello, Squirt!"
"That's right!  Good girl--just Hello Squirt!"
"Strap! Strap! Strap! Hello, Strap!"
"Squirt! Stop it - they cannot come inside!"
"Strap! Strap! (Squawk) Strap!"
"Squirt!  Stop it! "

Once again I hear the back screen opening, and I know it's the boys--if nothing else, they are persistent!
"Squirt! I'll talk with you later!"
"Boys, No!  Go outside! I really give up - Sorry boys!" 
Heading back towards Squirt's aviary, I mumble under my breath:
"Stupid Smart Alec bird! Stop hanging upside down and looking at yourself in your mirror - you know what you did!" (Why is it that Lorrikeets know how to smile--at least this one does!)

"I'll talk with you all later--it's too early for this!"

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