Monday, November 8, 2010

My early morning buddies-think I'm going to miss them....

I was up early again this morning, seems to be a routine thing now--maybe it's because I love the solitary peace of just me and nature, and believe me, here on this piece of property I have a lot of nature around me.

Anyway, in this peacefulness--it was about 6:00 am, and the day was yawning and stretching its skyward arms.  I sat at one of the tables on our front deck, when a Honeyeater jumped down from one of the palm trees that grow through the floor of our deck, and in which it makes its home, and sat at the table across from me, quizzically tilting his/her head ( I still don't know how to tell Mr from Mrs) as if to say--what treats do you have for me today?

  Well, I tried to explain to him that it was still early, and I hadn't checked my pantry yet--when suddenly a relative of Big Boy's family stopped by, and sat on the deck railing sort of asking me the same question--both of them tilting their heads and looking at me, as birds do, out of one eye.  In case you are new to Big Boy and his antics--he comes from the magpie bird family--and while they usually swoop and attack humans during breeding season, we are very much loved and respected here---they follow us around, sort of like pet dogs--kind of funny to watch a trail of them walking behind me when I am outside--but they walk with their wings folded, and heads down,---looking and waiting.

 Anyway, today, this particular Big Boy descendant just sat with this huge enquiring look on his face until I went into the pantry to see what I could find.  I finally came back with a couple of my favourite biscuits--a fruit and nut spice roll--no banana today--but we'll see what happens later.  I broke the biscuits up and threw them off the deck onto the lawn, (as we don't encourage them to eat from the deck--even though they still fly up here with their bits, and choose their spots to sit and nibble).

Nature is wonderful.  You just have to take the time to see it and enjoy it--it's nice to know that Big Boy's legacy is living on, and that the family of Honeyeaters is spending at least their 6th season with us in their palm tree....

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