Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kurt- what a dog!

Kurt was a wonderful guard dog, and yet managed to keep his 'humanity' when it came to us.  But the time eventually arrived when we decided to take a different direction in our life, which resulted in a move to a larger city, and the possible retirement of Kurt from his guard dog responsibilities. 

We started looking for a new home, knowing that Kurt and his needs would always play an important role in that choice.  We couldn't just place him in a small domestic back yard, and expect him to cope all day while we were at work in our new roles as Financial Consultants.  So we searched the area and finally found the ideal property, a lovely newish home on a blank block of 20 acres--plenty of space to design and do what we wanted.  We knew Kurt would be impressed!  Our two girls aged 10 and 8 were also impressed by the way, especially when Bron, our 10 year old, found out that she had her own bedroom on the top floor complete with her own ensuite.

I worried about Kurt learning how to retire, I mean this had been a seriously devoted working dog, never lacking in his guard duties.  I thought that he would get bored, and wonder how to entertain himself.  I shouldn't have worried.  Kurt was made for retirement.  He knew he deserved it, and he took full advantage of it.  His best friends were Georgie, my blue Australian terrier, and his tennis ball.  He greeted everyone with his tennis ball in his mouth.  (He worked out later whether he would let them leave --put me in the mind of Selleck and Magnum--playing it cool until the last!)

Kurt and Georgie had a routine of safety worked out.  Kurt would lay in the top of the front yard, in complete view of the front driveway, and any traffic that would encroach upon the acreage down below, leading up to this place.  He was laid back and relaxed about it all. He knew he had the upper hand, and having Georgie as his sidekick always helped.  Georgie, being a terrier, was a yapper.  As soon as she suspected any kind of foreseeable danger:  intruders, birds, kangaroos getting too close, a strong wind, a sudden change in temperature, she would push out a yelp then a bark of unrest and concern.  Kurt would open an eye, have a brief look around, then either get up and investigate, give a loud and deep  'Woooghhhghhff', then either lay down again or go to investigate, with Georgie jumping up to his face, saying: 'See, I told you!  I knew it was important!  I've done good, right!?  I've done good!'  Kurt would look at her, and either move into action, or just nod at her, as if acknowledging her contribution, then investigate and then more likely than not, just lay down again, while Georgie relived her adventure of finding the potential 'crim' over and over to him again and again. A lot of times I would find them laying together with Kurt's front leg over Georgie's face, as they lay there together.  I think it was his only means of getting her to settle down.

I think sometimes Chris would like to do that to me, but I'm too quick for him, plus I have the added skill of knowing how to talk under water!

Yes, Kurt was settling into his new life. and all was well in the world.  Little did he know that our next addition to the family would soon arrive, and that Madison would enter his life in a very big way!

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