Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mixed emotions

I am going through some tough times at the moment.  Lots of emotions due to various factors - last minute renovations and its woes, unexpected financial expenditures and possible losses, my father's health issues, and as a result the possible need to drop everything in order to fly overseas at a moments notice, the list goes on.  I am trying to maintain a balance of thought in these processes, which requires a lot of reflection, deep breathing, and not letting them all pile on me at once.  Hey!  I'm a multi-tasker - I can do this. 

Just didn't want to do it all right now.

But tonight one of my best friends rescued me and took me with some other 'girls' to a Chicks Flick at our local cinema.  We saw a great movie in great company, received a lovely glass of sparkly, a gift bag on our arrival to our seats which contained all sorts of fun surprises, and received a lovely fresh rose as we left our theatre.  The movie was great!  I was able to really laugh with my friend, and feel the lady power in the room as we got the 'jokes' at just the right time all together!  It was amazing the gentle but vibrant vibe that the room exuded. 

I needed that.  The ability to be just me again, and try to connect with humour and the world and not all of this work, and the worries that seem to have overtaken me at the moment.

I know I will smile more tomorrow, and whatever comes my way can be handled and resolved. 

I feel good---and just a simple thing like a good friend and fun night out with a great comedy film was all it took! 

That is why I love my life!!!

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