Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My guys

Yesterday, as I started to finally refinish my kitchen and its drawers, I thought the easiest way to do it would be to take the actual kitchen utensil drawers outside onto the deck, complete with their inside contents and just work on their front surface, in peace and without fear of dripping varnish or anything else on the floors inside.

Well, Big Boy 3, my ever curious magpie and great greedy guts, wondered straight away what I was doing, and brought his mates with him.  BB3 sat on one of the deck tables where some of my drawers were established for their refurbishment of beauty, and queried me.  I mean, when do I really have to answer to a Magpie, but I obliged.

"I've sanded and prepared them, and now I am re-finishing them.  They will look like new --probably better!", I said defiantly.

BB3 just looked at me, and sat on the chair of main table where I had placed two drawers, and looked at me still inquisitively.  I shrugged, and brought out more drawers, and laid them on the other tables, and then looked around. 

By this stage, BB3 has called in his friends, and they were perched on the deck railing, and suddenly BB3 sat on the drawer that held the kitchen towels.

I spoke sternly to him saying "If you do so much as poo on these tables or anywhere near these drawers you and your friends are cut off! Period!  No more treats of food, no more special delicacies for you guys--that's it!  I need your total cooperation!"

Apparently they had a conference and conceded, as there wasn't a sign of birdie interference anywhere amongst any of the drawer contents.  I, however, had a huge audience, sitting on the deck railing and unused tables.  This included of course, the BB3 family, but also the Honey Eaters and the Lorrikeets.  They all also had an opinion, letting me know where I messed up, or if I missed a spot while doing the refinishing. (Sometimes they are just too 'hilariously' helpful!) 

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