Thursday, June 2, 2011

Teddy Bears and me

It all started with one little sad looking teddy bear with grey straggly fur which sat on a shelf in a fabric/craft shop.  I picked her up and wondered how in world she would ever make it in life - I mean, she was scraggly.  Her face was sweet, and somewhat hopeful, but her appearance just wasn't helping her.  I carried her around the shop with me for a while as I looked at other things, and then as I was going to the front counter realised that she was still in my arms.  She felt comfortable and somewhat at home there.  So I bought her and brought her home.

My first teddy is the grey one sitting
near the lid in the middle

My special Steiff bear is sitting in the
front row, in the middle 

That was when it all began.  Suddenly I was given teddy bears for presents by friends and family and my collection began to grow.  They had their own toy chest, and some had little lounge settings to sit on and special areas in our home which were dedicated to their well-being. Before I knew it I was captured by the teddy love. 

I started to read about teddy bear collections and collectors, and discovered interesting bits of information and learned how to decide if a teddy bear was a collection item worth the investment as a serious collector, or one that just needed love.  A lot of my teddies craved love.  I had lots of that to give to them! 

When we went on our last trip overseas, as an anniversary present, Chris bought me a special Steiff Bear in a wonderful teddy bear shop in York.  The shop itself held magic, and the experience of being able to pick out a bear just for me, and for my collection was like letting a kid roam through a lolly shop!  It was marvellous, then I saw him. My Steiff Bear.  He sat there on the shelf all patient and stoic, wondering if I was going to notice him.  Well, I sure did!  He went on the rest of our trip through France, Switzerland, and Italy carefully carried by me in my luggage, just so that I could ensure he was OK.  When we finally got home, he soon made friends, and as you can see it didn't take him long at all to find a good spot to sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

Most of my teddy friends have been put into packing boxes waiting for our move from this home.  It will be fun to finally meet up with them again, and let them decide where they feel the most comfortable, as they settle into their new surroundings.  I'm sure they will just be happy to see everyone again!

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