Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sometimes it's not easy

You know, everyday I wake up feeling positive, sometimes weary, but positive.  Then I get out of bed, ...that's when it all goes down hill...just joking, but, honestly, just recently I have had infected sinuses and the the flu, or whatever they call this attrocious thing that has taken over my life, and created this weak, nose-blowing, limping for sympathy thing that has become me.  May this feeling rot in the hot spot!!  I prefer my strong willed self--not this limp rag.

But early this morning, as is my usual "dawn'esque" exercise, I sat and meditated on life, instead of quietly taking the opportunity to enjoy another few chapters of my favourite novel...(By the way Harlan Coben is a genius author, closely followed or even levelled by Michael Robotham!!)  Excellent reading!

Anyway, it made me realise that while what I am going through is hopefully only temporary, and knowing how awful I feel..some others in the world are going through much worse, very much worse, and you know,  I bet they aren't even offered the opportunity of sitting around feeling sorry for themselves!  They could be in war-torn countries, or seriously ill in hospitals or at home with not a blue sky in sight...if you know what I mean. 

Well, I felt humbled.  Mind you, I didn't feel better, but it put it all into perspective.

I thank God that I am normally healthy, and that I have people around me who love me.  It means a lot to me, and this makes me realise that I should be positive.  I know--I may grumble and say I can't do it all today --and maybe I can't--but in the end - does it really matter?  The work will get done. The task will get accomplished.  The sun will shine - because we all know:

"The sun'll come out tomorrow"

Sorry couldn't resist -- my family will chuckle and then groan, as they know this is my theme song!!

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