Saturday, April 9, 2011

And I feel fine!

Yesterday I had an off day --you know the ones--can't really put your finger on why, but just a yucky day.  I told Chris about it, and thought it might be because all we do is work around this place trying to do the final things for presentation for sale.  It is becoming a task now. 

I decided we needed a break.  So today we downed our tools, had a bit of a sleep in, had a leisurely breakfast, and went to see my chimps and do some fun things in town for a change.  We just don't do that enough!

The local zoo feeds my favourite two chimps at 3:00 pm in the afternoon everyday, and the carer gives a nice informative talk about their care and training.  We missed the beginning of the feeding session by about 10 minutes, but Ockie was there to greet his visitors and receive his afternoon juice popper and fruit snacks served on a plastic plate with a plastic spoon.  (He is so clever--I am a very proud Ockie lover!)  Cassie is a bit more shy and while he will greet the crowd and receive his treats, he prefers his privacy - don't blame him really--But, Ockie is the showman!!  Doesn't let down the team! 

After we left Ockie and Cassie, I decided to check out the large open air domed aviary that is located near the chimps.  (I worry about transporting Squirt by air to Cairns, and need to check out any possible second choices for a good home for her. This of course is a very sad thing for me to do....).

Upon entering the aviary I was impressed once again by its cleanliness, and the natural surroundings and water features that are supplied for these lovely creatures, but I didn't notice any other lorrikeets flying about, and of course started to worry about any future companionships she may lack.  I did notice however a pair of beautiful parrots--not sure exactly what 'family' of bird they were, but they were curious as most parrots are, and flew close by for me to photograph..parrots love having their photos taken  --sometimes they will fly close enough for me to try to show them the results--but that usually always takes a much longer interaction than I had that day..

After leaving the zoo, I felt much better, and more cheerful than I had for a while.  The peacefulness of animals do that to me....their innocence, and curiosity and trust.  It is just so simple.

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