Monday, April 18, 2011

The Easter Bunny

My beautiful step daughter called me tonight to thank me for the parcel that I had sent to them previously, which had included Easter goodies and a 'Special Letter' from the Easter Bunny, or Rabbit as he is known to his friends. However, she asked me if I could contact the Easter Bunny and ask him to send a Thank you note to our grandson.   The Rabbit had given me a special letter to Isaac and also his baby sister, Emily, to put into the parcel that I had sent!   As it turned out, our grandson, who was now so excited about Easter, asked his Mum to help him make a special card for the Big Rabbit and they had mailed it to him! Flip asked if I could contact the Rabbit and ask him to send a Thank you note to Isaac for all of his effort that he had put into his card, as Isaac was now very excited about Easter. I smiled a big smile and said I would get onto to it straight away - which is what I have done.  Big Rabbit has assured me that it is ready to be sent via courier....

This all started because I sent our Easter parcel to Flip and her loving husband and our two granchildren, aged almost 3 and 1.  The Rabbit had asked me at the time if I would please include a  letter from him which he had given me.  The Easter Bunny is a good buddy of mine, and in the letter he asked me to include, he said that he wanted to take this opportunity to wish our grandson and granddaughter a wonderful Easter.  There were lots of goodies in the package, and apparently the letter from the Rabbit was the main attraction---as it should be - he is the happiness giver at this time of year!

This little communication between families and the Rabbit made me think about holidays and celebrations and how special magic is when we are young!  Because it is you know....

When my girls all lived at home we had a 3 day Easter celebration...

Good Friday meant all sorts of fish specialties, sometimes baked fish, sometimes fried fish served with sauces and a prawn cocktail for Bron without prawns!

Saturday was egg boiling and egg dyeing day --we would spend several hours in the afternoon dyeing our eggs in special concoctions of food colouring and boiling water, and mugs and spoons and laughter and designs and excitement about how the Easter Bunny would hide them for us later that night!

The next morning we would wake up, often very early, depending upon the patience of the girls, and the whole family would go searching for the hidden Easter Eggs that we had dyed the day before.  The Rabbit was very clever, and sometimes had to leave a roadmap for me to help us find that last unfindable egg!  But it was fun and always worth the challenge!

Then we would spy our Easter baskets, all decked out in the pastel rattan colours and filled with sweets and sometimes presents.  There was always excitement, and lots of family fun.

As the day progressed we would look forward to our roast pork or roast lamb meal and thank God for giving us such happiness.

These girls have all grown up and one has passed on, one is remote from us now and not approachable, and one is away at university.  So, this is a new Easter for us now.  Chris and I will start new traditions filled with love and God and the Rabbit!

I wish for you all a very happy Easter season.  May you be blessed.  (And may the Rabbit smile at you and leave you a few treasures!)

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