Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter to one and all......

This has been the strangest Easter weekend celebration that Chris and I have ever shared together.  We knew that we would be starting new traditions in our now smaller little family of two -- guess we weren't so prepared for how it all turned out....but it has been fun, and hard work at times, yet relaxing with lots of laughter....I think the hard work was when we actually had to stop relaxing and do some real work around here!

Refer to my previous blog on the Easter Bunny, to understand the traditions that we were trying now to replace:

What made it funny was that before Good Friday, the traditional day when everyone should just eat fish out of respect, I had made a special trip to our specialty fish shop, lined up in the fish smelling shop, and purchased large fillets of barramundi, a beautiful white fish.  I had planned to serve this fish with mornay sauce, honeyed carrots, parsley potatoes, and lightly steamed green beans, etc -- but by the time Friday night came around, due to all the work Chris and I had done around the house, once again trying to finalise all cleaning and renovating, (in order to have it ready for market in early May), we both just looked at each other and decided the elaborate barramundi meal wasn't worth it.  Chris ate a meal of frozen fish pieces and I went vegetarian with crackers and tomato!  We're were exhausted that night!!

Saturday was more work and then secretly we planned our scavenger hunt for each other for Sunday morning.  Instead of searching for hidden Easter Eggs, we decided this year to buy little gifts for each other, and leave clues as to where they were hidden.. It was lots of fun, and we've decided it is probably a good idea for birthdays in the future--the gift was a treat --but the fun was the planning of the special gifts, the writing of the special clues and the final finding of the treasure!!

Tonight my world travelled professional soccer playing nephew and his partner stopped in for the night on their way to Melbourne - ( He would love it that I described him that way!)  We had a great time talking and reminiscing about family stories and 'secrets'.  It was so good to see him again, after so many years, and to meet his lovely Scottish partner---I loved listening to her accent, when I shut up enough to let her talk!  They have a great, exciting adventure ahead of them as they head to Melbourne and their future....but they will do it all, and succeed - because they are that sort of couple, with lots of fun and intelligence combined.  Had a great night with them!

I hope that however you celebrated this Easter holiday season, if you celebrated it at all, that is was fun, and included family and good friends.  I also hope that you are all sleeping with contented smiles on your faces, and the knowledge that you mattered to someone and made someone happy. 

God Bless!

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