Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not happy, Jan!

Yesterday I did not feel well.  I think I have been suffering from what I supposed hayfever or sinus, or the deadly flu or some rare disease to be---but yesterday, I felt miserable.  I just wanted to be left alone and looked after at the same time!  I had trouble breathing, my head felt very full and headachy, I had trouble breathing, and I just wanted to sleep!!

This of course had nothing to do with the fact that yesterday I was supposed to start sanding some rough spots on my kitchen cupboards, so that I could re-stain them and get them looking 'spot on'!  It had nothing to do with that!

The fact that the kitchen is my last task in this house re-make--and I have been putting it off forever--none of that had anything to do with how I felt....because I really did feel pretty awful - but my poor scratched and man-handled kitchen knobs and their surrounds looked almost worse than I felt yesterday!!---OK!  I'll do it!! It will get done!  OK?!  ...... 

....maybe today.....

But--I have felt better you know! 
A Girl Sick the Night of a Dance - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

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