Monday, April 11, 2011

Blond lady on the loose!

Remember when I told you about our zoo visit (blog: 'And I feel fine!'). Well we left there and then headed off to do errands, the stuff no-one really wants to do.  I said to Chris, "But hey! We're out!  Why not do it all!  See the chimps! Check!  Do the stuff! Check!" So we did.

We parked the jeep in the underground parking lot of the shopping centre and planned our attack...which way to go first! We shopped together for a bit to pick up bits of things we needed, and then discovered, that as time was playing against us, that separating for tasks was a better option. 

Chris went to the jewellers to have a new battery put into his watch, and I agreed to meet him back at the jewellers---

I went in pursuit of a frittata pan and found heaps of friends instead!  Don't you just love that!  I forgot about shopping and just had so much fun catching up with an old friend, eventually deciding that I didn't want to go to the shop where I originally was headed!  How fortunate!

I headed back to the jeweller's to meet up with Chris, when 'Hey! Presto!' A friend from my past suddenly appeared straight in front of me, and not far from the jewellers or even Chris!  We all met up!  And talk! You Betcha!

It was great to see her. And her daughter!  I knew then that this was my afternoon, what was left of it---so I kept making meeting points with Chris and quickly did my errands, and had great conversations everywhere I went - I was having so much fun--I almost forgot to shop!

But I did!  You'd be proud!  I accomplished everything.  It was a fun day, and a good break from work!  Needs to happen more often!

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