Monday, October 31, 2011

Jock and Strap -- poor sookie babes

Today was a somewhat live able day weather - wise.  We turned on the ceiling fans, and went about our business.  But, woefully, Jock and Strap sprawled their border collie bodies against the sliding glass door wall and lay there looking pathetic.  Finally I had had enough of their feel sorry for me attitude!  One would think they were teenagers instead of mature men dogs - what sooks!!

I had previously turned on the ceiling fans on the patio for our two gentlemen, but no - that just didn't cut it!  I suppose they wanted their gin and tonics or ice teas delivered to them - being the gentlemen dogs they are - but hey!  Get real!

So I moved outside with the broom and swept away all the doggie hair and dirt that had accumulated, put Squirt's large cage on wheels out on the brick walk-way, in the shade, and hosed down the patio, refreshing it, and then set upon the living critters!  I called Strap to me, and holding the hose on a gentle squirt totally wet his body, like I used to do to my kids on a hot summer day - he just stood there smiling!  Just smiling!  I wet him really well--he then ran off and rolled on the lawn and there was still a smile on his face- he couldn't fool me!!

Then stopping the pressure on the hose, I called Jock over to also receive the same treatment. Now Jock, if you have been following my blog, would never, I mean never, allow his person to be squirted by a garden hose - how common! But, slowly and hesitantly, he came towards me, and just stood there while I gently soaked him. He loved it!  He wondered away somewhat mystified by what he had just experienced, but was not in disagreement with his treatment by me.  He approved.  Surprised even me.

Squirt was next - I held the hose as though it was just gently raining into her aviary/cage, and she loved it.  She actually sang in the shower!!  She jumped around and came back for more.

I love these guys - they are all so individual, and yet fit into our family so well. We all respect each other, and after today, I think I know what treat they may like best!  I love spring!!

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