Friday, October 7, 2011

Oops! I did it again!

About 4 weeks ago, I was in the kitchen and reaching into a lower cupboard, suddenly discovering that I had released the fury of two very heavy stainless steel saucepans.  As they jumped out of the cupboard and onto my feet, I also discovered that my reactions, while still fairly swift, just weren't protection enough.  As the heavy saucepans fell towards my feet, in my panic to get away from the falling little devils, I jumped back and apparently put all of my body weight, or at least a good majority of it, on my right heel.  Mistake!  Bad mistake!

Well, this resulted in bandaging and icing, and a very swollen ankle, which eventually resulted in a very bruised and swollen heel.  The result--a very sore heel which was swollen, tender, and needing to be raised--as the girl at the Chemist shop said - above my heart level--and as I don't do yoga and have trouble raising anything above my heart level unless I lower my upper body to a ridiculously low floor level stance, my heel became the bane of my life, and the saucepans in question were relegated to the cupboard to indefinitely live out their days in regret!!

So in time I started to heel.

A week or so later, I was in town, and noticed that Blue, my lovely little convertible needed fuel.  Now I normally go to a very quiet petrol place which has become a favourite of mine.  Since I don't like pulling fuel--this station is quiet, and peaceful, and Blue and I like it there!  Well, this particular day my fuel was very low, and rather than risk trying to make it go my favourite stop,  I pulled into a larger, more commercial truck stop petrol station.  All was going well, and I had finally paid for my fuel and was heading out to Blue, when whammo!  I fell off the curbing just outside of the entrance door to the shop! Fell in slow motion, inescapably unable to stop the fall, and landed on my left side.  When I got over the shock and embarrassment of the fall, I sat on the curbing which had tricked me, as it had suddenly appeared and sent me flying, and I surveyed my wounds.

I had a badly grazed and bleeding left forearm, a wrist which was swelling while I looked at it, and very sore ribs!  I was a mess!  No one came to my rescue and I eventually got off the curbing, and holding my bloodied arm, limped to my car.  Blue looked at me sympathetically, somewhat embarrassed herself, and we drove home.  Shopping trip had abruptly ended for the day!

It has taken quite some time to recover from those injuries - but I am recovering and can finally put weight on my ribs, and my large gross scabby arm is healing very nicely, thank you very much!!

About two days ago, I slipped my feet  into my thongs (flip flops) and headed out to the garage to wash my car--Blue had been neglected lately and looked like it.  As I was spraying water on her with the hose, and getting rid of the dust and grime, my hose suddenly became lifeless, and I discovered that it had disconnected itself from the tap.  Water there was spraying everywhere, and Blue and I stood there with a hose which did not give forth any water.  Drat!  I tried to fix the connection, stepping into the mud and fighting back the spraying water, and eventually just gave up.  But before I could go back to Blue's half finished dirty surface, which was now turning from a dusty back end to a dirty muddy back end, I stepped up into the garage, and my right heel, which had eventually started to feel better, suddenly screamed out in pain, as it descended on a large pebble and cut through new pain thresholds!!  Yelling out and kicking at a bucket that I only wished was there - I limped painfully into the house - angry that an old injury was once again raising its horrible head! Not happy, Jan!

I limped for a couple of days, tried to raise the painful heel to above heart level, finally conceding that just resting it on a pillow would do, and thought about all of my injuries.  What a run of bad luck!

Then yesterday, after my shower, I noticed a lot of water on the bathroom floor. I put my towels down on the puddle, and decided to use my left foot to move the towels around and soak up the offending moisture, when whammo- bammo! I slipped and fell straight onto my backend!  Talk about pain!  Not only did I yell out in disgust at my predicament, but then just sat there wondering what else could possibly happen to me.

It is now very early today--my bottom isn't as painful, my left ankle and heel are feeling fairly good, and my left forearm  bloody cuts and grazes are healing.  I can laugh without the pain of damaged ribs, and my left wrist, though tender is healing.

But it is still early--who knows what may happen today--I'm going in search of a large box of cotton wool--may just wrap me up in that for a while..............

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