Thursday, October 27, 2011

We have arrived!


We are now in Cairns!  How exciting!

We have had to transport 3 vehicles, 2 border collies and a lorikeet by air, and ourselves, including the moving van which held the best of our belongings from our 2 houses etc. It has been quite an exercise--but we did it!

The moving van left yesterday about 2:00 pm, and we wearily unpacked the box which held our clean sheets and bedding.  I thought if we made up our bed first, we could then collapse from exhaustion when we needed to and not have to worry about doing it then. (Smart thinking, huh!)

We have our privacy, which is good, but we are in a friendly walking distance from our neighbors.  Squirt, our lorikeet is in 7th heaven!  She is finally outside on the shaded patio, which even has ceiling fans!  She sings all the time and I think in time will teach the various birds around us, to speak also.  She talks all the time!!  If a bird could smile, she is grinning madly!!

But our 2 border collies, Jock and Strap are struggling a bit.  The trip by air up to here has thrown them a bit, and they just lay around a lot.  Strap especially doesn't seem interested in doing much other than lay and relax, like a good Southern Gentleman would, you know??!

I hope that in time that they adjust, and begin to enjoy their new life.

It should be fun for all of us!!

Things to do list...unpack a zillion boxes...yay!! (Not!)  (Insert smile showing pretended enthusiasm.......)

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