Sunday, October 30, 2011

We have arrived - Part 2!!

It has been 5 days since the movers arrived.  Now beginning the 6th one today.  The kitchen is almost totally unpacked--heaps of loads of laundry have been done on my new washing machine, as I unpacked towels and/or sheets etc. wrapped around 'treasures'.  These clean towels have now been placed in my linen cupboard, and still I unwrap boxes. 

             We bought a new tv and surround sound system for the media room.  It was set up yesterday -              good  sound - great screen!

My ankle injury is taking vengeance on me, and flares up like fire by the end of the day - stupid ankle--stupid injury!  Hint:  Don't hurt any body item before planning on taking on a huge moving exercise - it's not a great idea, and really slows you down!  We went shopping for essentials for the house the other day - cool stuff like- mops, buckets, brooms, cleaning stuff, all the great stuff,  so much so that when you get home, you can't wait to play with them--Yep!  That's how I felt, as I limped around the house.

Today, I am determined to finish the kitchen unpacking, and start on the media room, with the de-cluttering of boxes, and the setting up of the 'environment'.  I want it to be the kind of room, where at the end of the day, one just goes to and relaxes.

I really want to take a day off to just go play, and visit all the wonderful areas that are here, and are really the reason we decided to move here.  But a couple more days of determination will see us clear enough to live here, with just some simple unpacking to be done after that.  Roll on those days!!

The dogs are still a bit sooky and won't leave the glass sliding door patio area outside of the family room.  It's like, if they can't see us, we have deserted them again, and will most likely put them on one of those scary flying machines again.  But, slowly but surely, they are taking baby steps away from us.

Squirt on the other hand is trying to organize a live-in bird fest.  She talks and sings all the time, and now the birds from all around come here, and sing back --really kind of nice....I'll have to stock up on birdie treats for her big party!!

I'll keep you informed on our progress - but surprisingly, we really have accomplished a lot - Please God - just give me strength to keep on keeping on!!

Check with you later...........

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