Friday, October 14, 2011

We are moving - finally!

For the past few weeks we have been busily packing boxes and making arrangements to move not only our earthly possessions, but also our 2 border collies and 1 spoiled lorrikeet.  Adding to that mammoth task we are also transporting 3 cars, and as we are moving a fair distance away from our current address, we have decided to move our animals and us by air, while the rest of our 'stuff' follows us by transport.  It has been a large undertaking, and yet - it appears to be being accomplished - thanks to great professionals who know how to handle even the trickiest problems, and somehow make it all appear simple.

There has just been one hiccup---Me!  If you read my previous blog about my current bout of injuries, you can just imagine what it has been like for me to try to pack boxes and show enthusiasm, when sometimes, it has hurt just to breathe or move.  Stupid accidents!

Well, yesterday I was in the spare bedroom, which had become our 'storage' area where Christmas ribbons go to die, and yesterday's treasures have suddenly become today's problem.  Do you have an area like that?? I used to think it was a good idea -- it isn't. If you don't use or want something that instant in your life - don't have it!! Get rid of it. Don't save it in case you change your mind - just don't hold onto it, because maybe one day you 'might' want it! If you haven't wanted it ever, you probably never did!  Does that make sense?  It sure does to me now! Wow! Now that was knowledge that I could have used over the years!!!

So, yesterday, as I sat on my 'bum' (Aussie speak for using the human bottom as a cushion), I discovered a lot of this stuff.  Some of it, I must admit I was glad I kept.  Like letters and cards from friends and family celebrating birthdays in my life with their wonderful, love-filled sentiments!  I must admit, as I sat there on my 'bum' which was turning a bit numb by this stage - remember --IT was the one I fell straight down on after that fateful shower episode! Refer to:

Anyway, as I sat there, and the tears of sentiment crawled down my cheeks, I was very touched, and felt loved and fuzzy that these wonderful people loved me enough to have written all of their wonderful sentiments to me.

But enough of that I said to myself, as I reached for another tissue, and put them all in my saver pile.  My discard pile was growing larger, and I was feeling like I was finally accomplishing something until I managed to stand up. PAIN!   

Now, since all of my fateful accidents, PAIN has become a pretty common companion, but yesterday, it introduced a new symptom--MAKE EVERYTHING HURT ALL TOGETHER AT ONE TIME!

So, I had to call it quits then.  I am forever confident tho', and today is a new day - and so far, I think things will get accomplished, and by hook or crook - We will be moving according to schedule - poor ol' Chrisco may find tho' that he is packing more boxes than he originally intended!!  

Don't you just love life!!!!! 

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