Friday, March 25, 2011

The birds here are wild!

OK. I have to tell you this one quickly! I am becoming so amazed at these birds that have entered my life here......

Yesterday morning early, I walked past the large deck sliding glass doors, and was amazed at what I saw...there sitting on the top deck railing was a family of about 4 magpies, including my teenager, who I have mentioned before.

Next to them was another family of honey-eaters, a grouping of about 4 on the top railing and another 3 a few railings down...

Sitting next to the honey-eaters was a grouping of lorrikeets, at least 5 on the top deck railing, and 4 of them sitting under the table next to the deck railing.

They all just sat there, irresolute....waiting...for me.. for food...for a treat...but just sat waiting!!  Looking at me, as though I should now provide!

Yep you guessed it, I went inside and cut up a banana and a mandarin and went outside and threw it over the deck, where by now, they were all waiting.  But what really amazed me this time was that they all bogged in together....the magpies were eating with the lorrikeets, and the honey-eaters would join the crowd and fly up the the deck to eat their treats---(They are slower eaters, and like to take their time to eat their treats in peace - I can understand that!)

I went back inside and stood at one of the big deck windows and just watched them - that way I wouldn't disturb them ---they were all so well behaved and equally shared amongst each other --my little family is maturing!!!

As I write this, Squirt is sitting behind me and insisting that it is "Hello!" time.  If I start talking to her too early in the day, she just doesn't stop --so I have told her "It isn't morning yet, and just to be a bit quiet"  She is now muttering, "Hello......Strap...chirp, chirp, Hello!"  I'm trying to ignore her, but she really does crack me up!  Kind of telling a little kid to go back to bed, it isn't morning far it is working..I just dare not talk back with her!

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