Thursday, March 17, 2011

The leaking drip

I am telling this tale on myself in order to give due credit to my ever understanding husband, Chris, and for my dear friend Leone who already knows that I am not like most people!  They both accept me for who I am - and if you are still reading my blog - you must be like them, and recognise this oddity of human thought that is behind a lot of the stuff I write about.

This story began about 2 mornings ago - very early in the morning.....

I had just been into the bathroom and washed my face quickly with a fresh, cold face washer--just to wake up a bit, and feel refreshed.  While I was patting my face dry, I noticed a dripping sound which sounded as though it was coming through the bathroom ceiling and hitting the floor in droplets.  Even with all of the lights on in there, I still could not see any leaks coming from the ceiling.  It was really a mystery.  I went to the cupboard and pulled out a torch to have a closer look at the ceiling, but still could not see anything....

I went upstairs to the other bedroom and ensuite to check out any leaks that may be coming from there, but all seemed to be fine. 

By the time I made it down to the middle bathroom, (the one I had just noticed the drips coming from) it appeared as though the dripping had stopped.  I figured it must have come from the new vanity and taps which we had just had installed.  I decided to keep an eye on it, and see if it happened again.

About a half hour later Chris came up, and also washed his face with the cold face washer to wake up.  Before he could turn on the tap I ran into the bathroom and asked him to watch what happened next.  He looked at me strangely, and just stood there!  I replied:

"Go ahead, wash your face - I just want to watch something!"
"Well, maybe we'll find out - just turn on the tap!"
"Turn on the tap?  Are you OK?"
" Yep.  Something weird is happening with the water and the ceiling in here, I just want to watch this.."
"'re acting strange again..."
"I know, but just do it...."
Chris proceeded to wash his face with the face washer, turning on the tap to wet the washer, and then turned it off.  I kept my eyes firmly sealed on the ceiling.  As he was hanging the face washer back on the towel rail, he turned to me patiently and said:
"OK.  What is going on?  Why are you looking at the ceiling?"
"It's not leaking!", I replied.
"Was it supposed to?"
"It did earlier this morning, then just stopped."  I showed him the puddle of water on the floor under the rubbish bin, where the water had leaked through.
"Could it be from the very wet face washer that had been hanging here before?"
"Very drenching wet face washer--I had to wring it out before I could even begin to use it.....could that be where the water had come from?  Not the ceiling?"
"But I got a torch and everything to find the leak - I went upstairs to that ensuite to check out the plumbing- I looked everywhere!"
"Did you look at the face washer directly above the wet area?"
"I dunno"
As he was walking out of the bathroom, I followed him saying how happy I was that we wouldn't have to call in the plumbers, and how lucky we were.  Chris just turned and looked at me, shook his head and headed to the kitchen for his early morning 'calming tea making ceremony'.  He does that a lot!

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Joy said...

What is a face washer? I think it is what I would call a face cloth or wash cloth. Right? At first I thought it was a part of the faucet that sprayed water at your face. That could be kind of cool, don't you think.