Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Forever the performer!

I have never shied away from the limelight and the spotlight - although I do protest, stating that I am shy.  (for some reason others don't tend to believe me though).

When I was very young I used to sing in my local church's Christmas pageants, and/or recite the part in the nativity scene as the angel from above high---"Behold!  I bring you good tidings of great joy!  For unto you is born this day in City of David, a Saviour who is Christ the Lord......"  I was very little, but had the blond hair and very innocent and believeable eyes ( I still think that is why I was cast--had nothing to do with talent - probably similar to Hollywood in that same way...). 

One year I was asked to sing a solo - I've been trying to think of the song, but can only imagine it must have been 'Away in a Manger'--anyway, I had to go to a church member's house at night and practice while she played the piano - there were 3 verses and chorus that I had to learn.  It was more work than I thought it would be!  But, they had a cute dog, and when I could, I would escape and play with it!  My Mum and Arlene always found me though, and pushed me back to the piano for more practice.

The night of my solo in the Pageant arrived!  I was ready!  I had my white gown on, and my angel wings, and was singing the first verse.  Then it occurred to me that I couldn't remember the other verses, so as the piano played away, I just kept singing....the same first verse.  Someone soon realised and somehow after 3 renditions of the same first verse--I was signalled to leave the stage/altar area which was the main stage for the pageant.   I think there may have been smiles and some laughter, but I just bowed as I found that much more elegant than curtsying, and walked off proudly. 

There was some commotion back in the ante-rooms of the pastor's study as they tried to decide how to recover, and I just said that:

 "I have had a delightful time, and Jesus probably loved how much I loved singing about him.  I enjoyed it!  And it's much better than singing Happy Birthday all the time - that song can get so boring!"

 Everyone just stopped and stared at me, and I just walked away to take my wings off.  It was very quiet after that..I'm thinking now that they probably realised that I knew why we were performing that night, and that perhaps they had forgotten.

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