Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moving on

We are getting closer and closer to finalising all improvements on our home here.  And it shows! She is really loving it.  Every day she shines and holds her head up proudly.  At night she hugs us, and keeps us safe and comfortable and exudes charm.  She is so proud of what she has been able to do.  We feel proud of her too!

But as much as we are enjoying her transformation from what had always been to what is now the much improved model, we know it is time to leave her soon. 

There are new adventures that we have to face, and new steps that we need to take.  Life is too short to just keep following the one pathway. 

I know that we will discover a new life and a new home.  Will it be the same?  Probably not.  Will we like it? I'm sure we will.  Will we miss our life here in this lovely home?  You betcha!

But what is life without adventure and challenges?

Besides, we'll still have so many memories!

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