Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sometimes it's difficult

I started writing this blog because I really do want to express how happy I am and how much appreciation of life I do feel.  But sometimes it's difficult.

Family issues happen and unhappiness occurs. 

My eldest daughter grows up and moves away and out of my life literally. 

My second daughter dies in a car accident at the age of 19.

My youngest moves away from home to start a whole new life --a very good thing for her - but still difficult for us all to go through at the moment.  She is only a phone call away though, and still is in my life.  What a great future she has because of the choices she has made!

Health issues happen, and family members face serious illness and the ending of life.   This is very difficult, as we know there is nothing we can do, but have to stand by and give support when we can.

My original family lives in the USA, so consequently I only get to see them once every few years, when we visit there - it is the distance and the financial decisions that make our closeness difficult.

But despite all of these sad and emotional issues, there is still so much love in my life from friends, my immediate family and my peace of mind. 

That is why I love my life.  Every day.

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