Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rain, rain - just go away!!! Come and play another day!!!

We are trying to finalise all of those last jobs before we put this house on the market.  Today, Chris was beginning to paint the back door, he had already done other touch up work, and trims etc.  I was going into town to pick up some things for gifts for Easter, and as I drove my car down the driveway - Guess started raining again! 

As I drove through the city, the rains became stronger and more fierce.  They poured down so much at one stage that I had to put my windscreen wipers on at the fastest rate, just to see my way to drive over the Fitzroy bridge!  I couldn't believe it! 

Every time we have attempted to do anything outside, there are obstacles.

I'm beginning to get suspicious of Mother Nature.  So far since the beginning of January '11 we have lived through 69 climatic days, 43 of them included rain and major storms.  There have only been 26 days during that period when we had at least some sun and no trace of rain - that's not really indicative of a good summer in my books!  These 26 days have not been consecutive, so just recently, while we experienced 2 days of strong winds, and sun, and at times boiling humid heat, at least we did not have rain.

But then, today happened. I think She is trying to tell us something--but meanwhile, until She just comes right out and tells us - we'll keep working through Her temper tantrums and mood swings...listen here, Mother Nature, we are determined to move to Cairns - so come hail, wind, rain, or even snow - we will do it!  (Maybe I shouldn't bait her!!)

I had a close look at my feet tonight--I think they are forming webs!

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