Monday, March 14, 2011

My early morning birds

  Each morning at about 6:30 or 7:00 am, I am up and checking out the day, trying to determine what I can possibly achieve that day, and whether the wet weather that we have been experiencing is going to stop me. 

Lorrikeet sitting on a branch of a pencil pine tree
For the past few mornings I have been been having a lot of fun with our bird life outside in our front yard.  We have a great variety of birds - I think I've spoken about them all  before- but we have been inundated just lately with a flock of beautiful lorrikeets - which are very cheeky and inquisitive birds. 

Eating the berries from the Schefflera tree

At the moment our Schefflera tree (Umbrella tree), is flowering and its bright red berries are a favourite of the lorrikeets.  As I feed the birds every morning I was very happy to notice the large flock that was here at the moment!

Group feed
A couple or mornings ago, I was feeding a large flock of lorrikeets, who eat in community style.  Each small group gathers around a piece of food and gently peck at it, while the magpies are more serious and do not like intrusions, but are learning to share with the lorrikeets.  It's fun to watch!

Magpie trying to be gracious

 They are funny birds, and Squirt who is now living downstairs in the family room in her large aviary sings out to them each day.  They answer back and at times it can really get noisy here! 

Is this my best angle?

I also had one of my favourite birds stop by for a sticky beak- literally - and kindly posed for some photos - a kookaburra!  They are just stately birds!  They have such a proud demeanour and give me lots of joy when I see them.  They even pose when they see I have my camera!

But then the lorrikeets decided to play a game, and I think it was hide and seek, as these pictures show:

8,9,10...ready or not, here I come!
As you see, they do have fun, and so of course they bring me a lot of pleasure and fun.  It's never a dull moment!

You're not even close!

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