Saturday, November 5, 2011

Doing chores - does that mean we are home?

We have been in our new home for about a week and half now.  Still feels like fun and still trying to find things in boxes that are in various rooms, but we are sort of settled.  Have to make up beds and make final arrangements for all of the other bedrooms, but almost there.

Our youngest daughter, Madison, arrives next Tuesday, from Brisbane where she has been studying at university.  It will be good to have her with us for a while.  (Only a week unfortunately!)

So, today is my day of concentration on her room.  Part of it will be fun as I get to set it up and decorate it, but the other part is the unpacking of more boxes, and finding  a place for everything.

I guess that means we are home.  I mean like this is really our new home, not just place we are visiting for a holiday!  We are discovering chores - like cleaning, and mopping floors, and cleaning bathrooms.  Those sort of things you do when you are at home and not on holidays!

Chris is out cleaning the pool, and I'm about to start with my chores.  Think I will try to make a game of it - should find some good ol' dance music and put it on the sound system!  That sounds like a plan!

Excuse going in search of music...

Have a good day!  Join me in a dance if you get the chance!

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