Friday, November 4, 2011

I did it!

OK!  You have to really know me to understand this story.  But I have no sense of direction. Literally doesn't exist!  (Maybe it's a handicap??) Who knows!!  Anyway, today I chose to drive my beautiful blue car into the a major suburb of Cairns to go shopping.  Boy!  Have I memorised building landsights or what?

I don't do well with street names, in the left brain ear, and out the right brain ear....but a building or obvious land site--I remember forever!  (Lord help us if they ever tear it down!)  I did my long drive today by building land-sites, and the knowledge that I was brave enough to do this!

I am not an adventurous driver.  I drive in safe zones, and prefer to be driven.  I have always preferred to be driven - I would have made a much more youthful Driving Miss Daisy from an early age--but then reality hits and one has to conquer these stupidly held mental handicaps (that at least I carry around with me.)

Anyway, I did it!  I did it Big Time!  I not only knew what I was doing, but predicted when I needed to change lanes and felt confident and assured.  Was I cocky or what!!

Then I got out of the car, and limped all the way into the shopping centre!  Stupid painful ankle.  Even had my ankle brace on and everything.  Still managed to get smiles from people though, so wasn't doing too badly!!!

I was complimented a couple of times and made to feel good.  One young gentleman asked if I was from Sydney, as I didn't look like a local--(felt like telling him that I haven't been a local since I left Burlington, but he wouldn't understand!)

One thing I have noticed though - I mean, I talk a lot, (hence the blog---out of sympathy for Chris so that he doesn't have to hear me talking all the time about my thoughts, even though I know he will deny he doesn't do that and loves me talking---yeah - you know how it goes....they love you, but suffering is suffering, I say!) Anyway, back to what I wanted to tell you.  People from Cairns don't quite know how to take me.  I talk to them. I mean I really talk - to them.  Obviously that hasn't happened a lot yet - not personally, I guess. So I surprise them!  I kind of like it!  We'll see what happens as time goes on - I have a tendency of wearing people down.

Aren't you glad you are just choosing to read me! Imagine if I could talk with you all the time!

I'd love it!

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