Friday, November 18, 2011

My compliments to drivers in Cairns!

Today I ventured out again in Blue, my beautiful blue convertible, who by the way, has an injury and her air conditioner something, a condenser or compressor, or something else beginning with a C just doesn't want to help us anymore.  The C thing is letting down the team.  In most cases, a team like Blue and I might get upset, thinking about the cost of surgery and the time Blue will have to be off-road, but you don't know Blue like I do - she is a trooper!  (Anyway, I have somehow verged off my original topic, so I will swerve back onto the road of reason again-Notice how I am writing about drivers and hence cars, and roads- as per my title, and I have made my descriptive whatevers fit in!  That's called corny writing!)

Anyway, Blue and I pushed the button to lower the window on my side of the car, the driver's side, since I was driving, (duh!) and somewhat on the passenger's side, as too much wind makes my hair blow in front of my eyes, and that is not a good thing when I drive!  Anyway, the fresh air really felt good, and the trip into the shopping centre was kind of fun.  Blue and I sang along to the radio, and sometimes, when we didn't know the words, we faked it, or made them up.  I forgot at one red light that my window was down, and discovered I was enjoying my own singing, until I noticed the car in the next lane to mine, and the strained looks I was getting - I think they didn't know the words either, and they were trying to listen closely to my words.  Anyway, the light turned green, and Blue took off!  She is such a show-off!  She loves it when she makes everyone watch her race ahead.  I keep telling her that she doesn't have to race each time, but she won't listen.  I think she is a show-off, and since she already has surgery ahead of her, I sort of gave her free reign to her feelings today!

Anyway!  The reason I wanted to write this was so that I could tell you about what a considerate group of Cairns drivers there are here!  I know that I am still somewhat new to finding my way around here, and although I think I know where I am going, (well, I tend to know that part pretty well), sometimes I'm not sure which lane I should be in, for the upcoming intersection, or how soon that intersection is looming ahead.  So, I have to change lanes, sometimes quickly. (So--big deal you say- 'I do that all the time in my car, which by the way probably isn't as great as Blue, but I do it all the time anyway!')  First of all, I feel sorry that you have to change lanes in a car, which isn't as great as Blue, but let's move on...

Anyway, again, today I had to quickly cut into lanes twice while driving and on fast roads, going like 80 kilometres, I don't know if that was the speed limit, but that is what everyone else was doing, and why in a situation like this should I be the Girlscout, and make them slow down.  I went with the crowd!  I was reckless!  I drove 80 klms and I was fast!  But not in the school zones - I was a Girlscout there!  Strictly 40 klm!!

Anyway, for the third time-- I wanted to write this, because I wanted to compliment the drivers on my roads today.  They were excellent.  I don't think it was obvious that Blue and I were somewhat novices on their roads, we put on a pretty good drive ourselves, but when necessary - these Cairns drivers were excellent!  They didn't speed up just because we needed to jump into their lane, sometimes they slowed down and just let us gently glide in--now that is such class!

I applaud you Cairns drivers on the Stockland Shopping Centre roads through to Redlynch turn-off and beyond!  Blue and I made it home safely, and we actually had fun with the wind in my hair and on her wheels. 

Rock on Cairns drivers!

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