Monday, November 7, 2011


Jock on a wet Christmas morning, receiving
his Christmas present!
Our poor Jock is not doing well at the moment.  After we air-freighted both Jock and Strap, our border collies,  to Cairns they were both a bit shell shocked and wouldn't leave our sight.  But within a few days Jocky was going strong and exploring his new territory.

But for the last few days he just hasn't been himself.  He is usually a bit lazy, remember he was the one who fell in love with his reflection in his water dish, and realised he would never have to work again.  He would just live a life of leisure and be waited upon--after all - he was a glamour dog - they aren't meant to get dirty or wear themselves out--(that was his theory and he was sticking to it!!)

Jocky has always reminded us when it was dinner time by knocking on the back door, or crying out - (mentally thinking to himself:  "Put some food in my tummy --and do it quickly!")

But for the last two days he has just picked at his food and is laying around more than normal.  He is almost 12 years old, so I guess we have to expect the worst.

But I choose to think of Jock as he always was - determined, obstinate, spoiled, and yes, very pretty!  He doesn't just have a white chest, he has a lion's mane!  He was a wonderful dog who loved smelling my flower bouquets, and always checked out my shopping packages, sometimes making me spread them out on the lawn so he could see what the latest fashions were...he was/is a one of a kind, who unfortunately, we may only have with us for a very short time.

Jock trying very hard to be patient as he
asks for help to unwrap his present!

Strap's face is hidden!!

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