Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love, Your Dad, Norm

At the wonderful age of 94 my Dad passed away just recently, from some cancers that had developed in his body, and maybe just a wee bit of old age raising its head. He was always--ALWAYS-- a determined man, and he was determined to make it to 95. Sorry , Dad.

I hesitated, and still hesitate a bit, to write about his death on my blog, but I am honest here, so will try a draft version - if you are reading this - I decided to make it live.

It happened about 5 days before we were scheduled to fly out to our new home. Movers were coming in and life was in a turmoil. I received the phone-call from my sister somewhat late on a Thursday night, (20 October) - early morning her time, to tell me that Dad had fallen asleep earlier that morning while in care, and did not wake up. At least it was a pleasant way to go! I know that inside he was churning with the want to get out of care, and get back to his gym, even if he could not really do it anymore. His body grew older before his mind did.

Over the time of my blog I have written quite a few stories about Dad. Maybe I will link them, as I write a few more memories of him.

What used to make both Chris and I smile, was when Dad would send a card or letter, and sign it:

'Love, Your Dad, Norm'.

 It was like he needed to remind us of who he was--such a funny man. When he turned 89 he brought my sister, Joyce to Australia to visit us, and it was such a treat! We took them everywhere in our area, and they held 6-8 foot long pythons, much to my sister's obvious fear, but did it all the same! They went to a crocodile farm and saw Huge crocodiles in their habitat, and I think my sister discovered a new respect for my new country. Dad was very happy that she was able to do that, and to see how I lived. He talked about that trip often to me.

I think I may just link some of my stories that I have written about my Dad below, and if you are interested to know what a caring, kind, and forever changing man he was, complete with his vitality for life and living, you may wish to read them, (if you haven't already)!

He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten! Not my Dad!!

My Dad, almost 93 years young:

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Gordy said...

I always admired your Dad. I looked forward to seeing him when we came to visit Grandpa and Grandma Gauss.....Gordon