Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Dad

My Dad passed away in late October.  It happened in the US where he lived and enjoyed life, had a wonderul woman companion and friend (after the loss of my Mum) and was active and still drove his bright red cadillac, even though he was 94!  That in itself is a good epitaph!  I hope someday that someone says that about me!  Not that I drove a red cadillac, but that I was active!!   If you want to throw in the cadillac you can, OK!

Anyway, I am supposed to be writing a memorial for him, to be read out at his memorial service soon. I don't know what to say--"He was my Dad!  I loved him!!"  Not good enough - he was much more -OK here comes another story!!!  Maybe this will help me write something.....

I was about 10 years old, sitting on the circular lounge, with my sister sitting next to me, and my Mum sitting in a lounge chair close by.  I was sort of watching TV, and just enjoying leaning against my sister, because it felt good.  It was night-time, and we were watching a funny show on tv. 

Suddenly I looked up from the TV and there was a  very scary, strange looking, almost glowing face staring back at me through the window, at the wall directly facing my Mum's chair!  As the window was on angles, when I screamed, my sister didn't understand why out of the blue I did that!  We all jumped up! Instantly!

It was a face with strange hair on it, and it just looked at us!  Kind of a creepy look!

Being a Mother, and probably defensive, Mum ran out to find this villain, closely followed by my sister.  Mum returned very quickly, as I cowered on the couch, afraid to move, and told me not to worry.

"What or who was it"  I asked.
"Your Dad!"
"Yes, your Dad!"

I looked at her strangely while Joyce walked back into the house laughing--because she was laughing, I relaxed a bit--still worried though!

Apparently Mum had trimmed her hair in the upstairs bathroom, earlier that night, and didn't remove her hair from the hand-basin.  When Dad was upstairs later, he saw the hair and placed it on his bald head.  Very quietly, he had come down the back stairway doorway, into the kitchen, and grabbing a torch, went outside to the side of the house.

Standing very quietly, and not making any disturbance, he suddenly held the torch under his chin and looked thrrough the window which was just close to the TV.  That's when I saw this creature!

I can laugh now, but I don't think I laughed then.....and I don't think Mum left her hair laying around after that....

He was a funny man.

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