Monday, November 7, 2011

Jock has left the building

At about 8:30 am this morning, Jock died.  I discovered him after a very restless night for both Chris and I.

We have spent the last two hours burying him, with Strap laying under a tree watching the activity.  Not sure if Strap really understands what has happened. Both Chris and I were teary, and said our goodbyes - I'll write more about Jock later, but suffice to say, that if you never knew him, you missed out on an
original dog who was really his own self!

Suffice to say - a GREAT dog has passed.  He was an unusual dog, a one of a kind, and yet the word obstinate comes to mind.  He constantly stayed true to his own dog self--that was for sure!!  But he was loyal and oozed love. He will be missed. Greatly!

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